Alarming rise in Violence Against Women

According to report by Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK), a human rights organization, at least 306 females were killed while 512 raped, 109 were victims of sexual harassment and 94 were injured by stalkers within the first nine months of this year.

The report also stated that at least 305 women were victims of domestic violence, including abuse, torture and murder. Of them, 149 women were killed by their husbands, while 35 others by family members of husbands. Based on media reports, its was also mentioned that 193 females were victims of dowry, and of them, 93 were tortured physically and 96 killed from torture. On the other hand, 28 females were victims of acid attacks.

Rights activists said a culture of impunity, bias of the law enforcers and administration, social and political unrest, drug addiction and a lack of awareness are the major contributors to the sharp rise in violence. Support and assistance from family members and the society is very important as complaints are not filed as sometimes culprits are influential persons.

They also stressed on the fact that the government should takes measures to ensure exemplary punishment for offenders, which will deter them from committing violence against women.

Source: Sharp rise in violence against women


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