“Amio Achi”

On the eve of the coming International Women’s Day, IMAGE, a joint initiative of The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands (EKN), RedOrange Media and Communications, Terre Des Hommes Netherlands, Terre … Read More »

Unwanted pregnancy and unintended fertility among adolescents

Young people are a large majority of the population of Bangladesh, and women are married of at a young age. Still, over 30% of the married teenage women (girls) have not … Read More »

Married Still a Child

Child marriage has been ingrained in the local culture of Bangladesh and is still prevalent. The main victims of child marriage are the girls who are, in a way, forced to … Read More »

Bangladesh Progresses with Midwifery

Bangladesh is on track to tackle the lack of trained midwives in the country. The government successfully created 3000 midwifery posts and three-year diploma courses in 31 medical and nursing colleges throughout Bangladesh. … Read More »

Balika Badhu – Telling of a Heartbreaking Child Marriage Story

Bangladesh has the fourth highest number of child marriage in the world.  64% of all girls are married off by the time they are 18.  There is very little enforcement of … Read More »

AIDS Impact 2015 in Amsterdam Begins

Delegates around the world are joining the AIDS Impact Conference 2015 that is taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference has begun today, July 28, 2015 and will continue till July … Read More »

ShareNet at AIDS Impact 2015 conference

The 12th international conference on HIV/AIDS – AIDS Impact is currently underway in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The conference brings together global experts working on the multi-faceted areas of intervention and prevention and … Read More »

IMAGE for Change

Early marriage is a common practice in many under-developed and developing countries. In Bangladesh, early marriage has traditionally been practiced since a long time back and continues till present day. Different … Read More »

Girls under 20 most vulnerable to rape in Bangladesh

More than 80 percent of rape victims in Bangladesh are found to be under the age of 20, reports leading English newspaper, The Daily Star.  The vast majority of the rape … Read More »


Many Bangladeshi parents are not concerned about the fact that child marriage is a violation of human rights and they are showing apathy to child marriage warnings. This kind of practice … Read More »