What did we learn about Child Marriage in 2016?

As 2016 was a big year for research on child marriage, new data and analysis emerged. It helped build a deeper understanding of child marriage, its drivers and impact, as well as what it will take to end it.

An article posted by by Ellen Travers from Girls Not Brides and Meg Greene from Greene Works on Thursday 26th Jan 2017 gathers some of the key findings, which are:
1. Child marriage remains a global issue.
2. Child marriage doesn’t just happen to very young girls with very old men.EN
3. Child marriage can increase the risk of girls becoming infected with HIV
4. The economic impact of child marriage is more significant than we thought
5. Strategies to address child marriage continue to be tested

The article mentioned the BALIKA project in Bangladesh that aims at empowering girls for delaying marriage and improving other aspects of their lives.

‘Read further: http://www.girlsnotbrides.org/new-research-child-marriage-2016-learn/

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