Status of Transgender People in Bangladesh: A Socio-economic-Analysis

The life of a transgender is a continuous struggle between the society and the true sexual identity of an individual. During this process, individuals have to face the unequal treatment and this results in different forms of deprivations for them. Starting from the family constellation, it goes far beyond, and the transgender people have to choose a life that they probably would never have wanted to live. This paper attempts to find out the real-life opportunities available to the transgender people in Bangladesh for a life that they ‘want to lead’ and tries to view their actual attainments by utilizing those opportunities. In short, it can be said that, the aim and objective of this research is to portray the lives of transgender people from a socio-economic viewpoint. In doing so, a qualitative method has been chosen; more specifically a semi-structured interview method has been followed in order to collect the information from the primary sources. The data analysis process includes reviewing the relevant literature and the primary data being collected. It is worth mentioning that all the interviews have been conducted anonymously with the consent of the respondents and have not involved any respondent below the age of 18.

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