The alarming trend in neonatal mortality in six low and middle income countries

A recent study published by the WHO in their health bulletin describes a cross-country situation of neonatal mortality in the first 24 hours.

The countries included in this study were Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Pakistan, United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia.

The figure was found to be alarming as 36%-66% children were found to die within the first 24 hours of births. What is more worrying is that one in three neonates die within six hours of birth.

Although a lot has been done in reducing child mortality, neonatal mortality still remains high. Statistics of child mortality does not include neonates and so, it can be easily overlooked.

Policy makers and implementer in this sector need to be mindful of these realities to help them stress on the importance of reducing neonatal mortality.

The authors have argued that this study paints the true picture whereas earlier studies used incomplete data which underestimated rare events like neonatal deaths.

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