Looking into Mental Health and SRH: World Mental Health Day 2021

A good mental health is highly essential to achieve full potentials in our day-to-day life and lead a fulfilling life for ourselves. Today on 10th October 2021, World Mental Health Day … Read More »

Call for Abstracts! – SRHR Knowledge Fair 2021

Share-Net Bangladesh is inviting abstracts for presentations at the 6th SRHR Knowledge Fair on 21st November 2021! Theme The theme of the 6th SRHR Knowledge Fair is ‘Climate Change and SRHR’. … Read More »

Inviting Poster Submissions: SRHR Knowledge Fair 2021

Share-Net Bangladesh is inviting digital POSTERS to present at the 6th SRHR Knowledge Fair on 21st November 2021! Topic: Any issue connected to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). For example: gender-based violence, … Read More »

A food for thought on Women’s Equality Day 2021

Women’s Equality Day this year was an occasion to celebrate the brave and strong ladies from our past who raised their voice for the rights to break barriers of women to … Read More »

Deliver for Good Campaign: Invest in Girls and Women

Wherever inequality lives, there stands a girl or woman able to turn the tide of adversity into a tidal wave of progress. We simply have to commit to her. Girls and … Read More »

Take care of your mental, emotional and physical health: International Self-Care Day

In this fast-moving world, it can often become a challenge for many of us to keep up at the same time being aware of our own well-being. It is highly important … Read More »

Projecting Bangladesh on World Population Day 2021

To bring awareness of the population issues, UNFPA celebrates World Population Day each year on 11 July 2021. The theme of the day this year in the context of COVID-19 is … Read More »

Featuring UNFPA’s latest report: ‘My Body is My Body, My Life is My Life’

Just in the beginning of this year, the Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference 2021 was held which was focused on the theme ‘SRHR for Adolescents and Youth’. Five young people delivered Powertalks … Read More »

Let’s talk about Menstrual Hygiene!: MH Day 2021

Menstruation, which is a common biological matter for every woman on this planet, should be something very easy to talk about. However, it is still an awkward topic for many, even … Read More »

Invest in Midwives to Achieve Global Goal of reduced Maternal and Child Mortality: International Day of Midwife 2021

Midwifery being such an honorable and distinguished profession, is often neglected of the crucial role they play in many communities in our country. Midwives are directly involved in ensuring healthy delivery … Read More »