Safety before Sex

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. This day is very special for loved ones as they express their love for each other by going on dates, buying gifts and doing anything special … Read More »

Cancers that can affect your Sexual and Reproductive Health

February 4 is observed as World Cancer Day throughout the world. On this day we express solidarity with the ones suffering from cancer, and try to spread information by letting more … Read More »

Highlights of Initiatives Addressing Child Marriage in Bangladesh Part 2

Dr. Sushmita Ahmed Team Leader, Hello, I Am (HIA) Population Services and Training Center   ‘Hello, I am’  project aims to reduce, and gradually stop child marriage by addressing cultural norms … Read More »

Highlights of Initiatives Addressing Child Marriage in Bangladesh Part I

Masuma Billah, Population Council The project titled ‘Accelerating Action to End Child Marriage in Bangladesh’ with the objective of reducing school dropout of girls has the approach of letting girls decide … Read More »

Infertility: Not just a Woman’s Issue

Infertility is a condition when a person is not able to conceive a child in spite of multiple attempts of unprotected sexual intercourse in at least one year. The World Health … Read More »

Moving together to prevent Child Marriage

Share-Net Bangladesh organised a Roundtable Discussion titled ‘Coordinated efforts by different stakeholders addressing Child Marriage issues in Bangladesh’ as a part of its Collaborative Approach on January 9, 2019 at The … Read More »

19,755 Women live with Obstetric Fistula in Bangladesh

When a cavity forms, connecting two organs or an organ and another structure, it is called a fistula. When this cavity occurs between the vagina and bladder or rectum, it is … Read More »

Human Rights Day 2018

“All Human Beings are Born Free and Equal in Dignity and Rights” Article 1- Universal Declaration of Human Rights Every year, December 10 is observed as Human Rights Day as this … Read More »

Sexual Violence Against Rohingya Men and Boys

Gender-based violence refers to any form of violence- physical, psychological or sexual, on someone because of their gender. When we talk about gender-based violence, the issues of violence against women and … Read More »

Everyone should know their HIV status

December 1st is celebrated as World AIDS Day to raise awareness among everyone about the pandemic and to mourn the ones who have died as a result of the disease. People … Read More »