Sex Trafficking in Bangladesh: A Gaping Chasm Worse Than Death

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Celebrating International Safe Abortion Day

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Contraception and the importance of Sexuality Education

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“Service providers must be friendly, rather judgmental”, says Dr Ikhtiar

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Including the voice of adolescents with disabilities in the National Plan of Action

The Turning Point Foundation was awarded the Share-Net International Small Grant in 2017 for its project titled ‘’Promote SRHR and Inclusion in the Government’s National Plan of Action on Adolescent Health Strategy 2017-2030 in Bangladesh’. … Read More »

Importance of SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health Right) and MR (Menstruation Health) for youth in Bangladesh

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Effect of Covid 19 on Child Marriage

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When marriage is prescribed as a cure

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“Community members must own the process of change” says Dr Noor Mohammad, Executive Director, PSTC

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Access to Contraception During the Pandemic

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