When marriage is prescribed as a cure

Why is marriage prescribed by some doctors as a ‘medicine’ that will solve all of a women’s gynecological problems? Why is a woman’s character and choices questioned directly or indirectly during … Read More »

“Community members must own the process of change” says Dr Noor Mohammad, Executive Director, PSTC

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Access to Contraception During the Pandemic

According to data revealed by UNFPA, ‘the ongoing lockdown and major disruptions to health services during the COVID-19 pandemic could result in seven million unintended pregnancies in the coming months’. It … Read More »

Talking about Periods with Dad

Menstruation has always been a matter that has been dealt with secrecy. Ever since history, it has been a topic of discussion for women alone, who have been having the conversation … Read More »

Family Planning and Contraception during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the cracks that have been existing in our society leaving indirect impacts in family planning and contraception. Sex does not stop during pandemics, therefore, it is … Read More »

The Flaws in the Rape Law of Bangladesh

Taqbir Huda and Abdullah Titir, Research Specialists at BLAST (Bangladesh Legal Aid Services and Trust), spoke to Share-Net Bangladesh about the Rape Law Reform Campaign that is being led by BLAST, … Read More »

Policy Review: Breaking the Taboo: Menstruation in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, menstrual hygiene is a taboo and heavily stigmatised subject to be discussed openly in public or even in the family. Taboo and misconceptions associated with menstruation cause women and … Read More »

When home is NOT an abode for safety

‘Home’ is a word that brings thoughts of comfort, peace and security. However, this is not the same case for everyone. 66% of women in Bangladesh have been victims of domestic … Read More »

Let’s do it together: Staying at home and sharing responsibilities

The COVID-19 has lead to millions of people now spending all the time inside their homes. With all members of the family staying inside, the burden of household work has multiplied, … Read More »

Save our Planet, Save our Girls

Climate action is more urgent now than ever. When humans continue to poison the earth, the earth suffers and so does every resident on this planet. The butter effect of climate … Read More »