Equipping Students for Life: Ireland’s Inclusive Sex Education Curriculum

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Special Circumstances Provision: A Loophole in CMRA-2017

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Health risk of Women in Tea garden of Bangladesh

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Adolescence health app launched to help access public health services

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Sex Education & Gender: A Dilemma Between Knowledge vs Stigma

After years of logical demand and seeking upgraded knowledge by policy makers, civil society organisations and activists, the National Curriculum and Text-book Board (NCTB) brought revolutionary changes in the text-book by … Read More »

Call for Pleasure-Based Imagery for The Pleasure Bank

The Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice on Sexual Pleasure has been doing quite some work on pleasure-focused imagery over the past couple of months. Currently, they are working on developing “The Pleasure … Read More »

Recurring Child Marriage & Adolescent Pregnancy: A Post-pandemic Social Tragedy

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Is Prenatal Knowledge Really Necessary for Safe Motherhood? 

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Climate Change & SRHR: All Hands Needed to Raise Concerns for Vulnerable Regions

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Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Sexual and Reproductive Health among Parents, Guardians & Teachers: A Contextual Study

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