Let the Activism Continue

On April this year, the case of a 19 year old madrasah student, Nusrat Jahan Rafi shook the country. She was reportedly tied and burnt alive by a group of people … Read More »

“SRHR is an integral part of human rights,” says Nasima Begum, Chairman, NHRC

“SRHR is an integral part of human rights. The Human Rights Commission is working on several programs to ensure SRHR for not only women, but also men,” said Nasima Begum, Chairman … Read More »

Experience from ICPD25: Engage men and boys as allies in achieving SRHR for all

25 years ago, at the International Conference on Population & Development (ICPD), the world agreed, by consensus, that sexual and reproductive health is a human right. The world agreed that no … Read More »

Initiative to Include Transgenders in Basic Healthcare

The transgender population has always been deprived from their most basic rights- the rights to education, housing, employment, and even healthcare. It becomes difficult for transgender individuals to visit clinics and … Read More »

Sexual Rights for People with Disabilities

Bangladesh has seen work on SRHR, although traditionally focused primarily on the mainstream public and recently slowly including the marginalized groups. However, the concept of ‘rights’ was not included until the … Read More »

Major and Minor Pregnancy Complications

The first news of pregnancy brings joy and excitement to couples and their families who are ready to welcome a new member. This is a time when a woman can go … Read More »

Treating Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in Bangladesh. It is more common among women of post-menopausal age. However, it is not surprising if women between the … Read More »

CoP Members from all over the world Co Create SRHR Knowledge Product Ideas

90 Community of Practice Members from all around the world came together and produced ideas for the co creation of 18 knowledge products on SRHR at the Share-Net International Co Creation … Read More »

Members from all around the globe come together to share knowledge

“Through this conference, we can come up with concrete evidence which will help us break the silence around infertility,” -Hilde Kroes, Consultant and participant at the Co-Creation Conference  Researchers, doctors and … Read More »

‘Being only Gender Sensitive is Not Enough’, says Dr Julia Ahmed

“Suppose a Project Manager has given a task to the Field Coordinator to select field staffs for a week-long training on ‘report writing’. The Manager highlighted that the trainees should be … Read More »