Call for Nomination: SRHR Award 2024

Share-Net Bangladesh SRHR Award 2024 Share-Net Bangladesh, recognising the significant contributions of individuals in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Bangladesh, is pleased to announce the … Read More »

Balanced Diet, Balanced Cycle: How Proper Nutrition Can Transform Your Menstrual Health

“Many women experience mood swings, bloating, and exhaustion during their menstrual cycle,” says a report on menstrual health. Hormonal changes can disrupt daily life, but with the right diet, these symptoms … Read More »

Call for Abstract 2024!

Share-Net Bangladesh is inviting abstracts on the theme- ‘Advancing SRHR for Sustainable Development: Interlinking SRHR and SDGs’. Selected applicants will present their abstracts at this year’s knowledge fair where professionals from … Read More »

Pharmacists On The Frontline: Revolutionizing Reproductive Health Practices Through Pharmacists

“Before the training, I did not understand the purpose of the emergency contraceptive pill at all,” shares Sultan Mahmud, a pharmacist from Bogura. “I would sell it like a normal contraceptive.” … Read More »

The Mission to Save Innocence: INCIDIN Bangladesh and Dhaka Ahsania Mission Is Protecting Floating Girls From Trafficking

“Children are our future, and we must protect them from all forms of violence,” said a child rights activist. In Bangladesh, an alarming number of floating children, particularly girls, live in … Read More »

The Hidden Pandemic: Over 300 Million Children Face Online Sexual Abuse Annually

“Child abuse material is so prevalent that files are on average reported to watchdogs and policing organisations once every second,” says Paul Stanfield, chief executive of the Childlight Global Child Safety … Read More »

Rethinking Breastfeeding: A Shared Duty, Not Just a Mother’s Sole Responsibility

“Breastfeeding can save 823,000 children under five and 20,000 women from breast cancer each year,” reports The Lancet. Yet, despite this compelling evidence, only 37% of children under six months in … Read More »

How to Heal the Hidden Wounds? Time to Bring Fistula to the Forefront of Reproductive Health

  “Bangladesh has earned global accolades for reductions in maternal mortality, yet when it comes to sustained access to skilled healthcare professionals for women, we have a long way to go,” … Read More »

From Fields to Faucets: How Salinity Impacts Coastal Women’s Reproductive Health in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh’s southwestern coastal regions, over 4 million people are struggling with a severe freshwater crisis, and it is the women who bear the brunt of this burden. As climate change … Read More »

Call for Poster Presentations 2024!

Share-Net Bangladesh is inviting posters on the topic- ‘SRHR and SDGs’ for the 9th SRHR Knowledge Fair 2024!  In line with the theme of this year’s knowledge fair, applicants from various … Read More »