Six game-changing actions to End Violence Against Children: Policy Proposals and Leader’s Statement

To #ENDviolence against children, over multiple months, experts from across the End Violence community worked together to develop a prioritized list of policy proposals, informed by evidence and research. “These six policy … Read More »

How the Tokyo Olympics Became the Most Gender-Equal Games in History

The highly anticipated Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will see more changes than just COVID-19 restrictions when the international event kicks off on Friday. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has taken several steps … Read More »

Amazon will investigate gender bias claims in its cloud division

Amazon has hired a law firm to investigate claims of widespread gender discrimination in part of its cloud computing division, the company said in an email to employees late last week. … Read More »

Stop Cyberbullying Day: Sadat Rahman’s fight against cybercrimes

Every year, the third Friday of June marks Stop Cyberbullying Day. Coordinated by The Cybersmile Foundation, this day is observed by generating awareness about cyber security. Since the past few years, … Read More »

Kangaroo Mother Care: Learning from nature to sustain

Annually approximately 15 million babies are born prematurely worldwide. More than one million of them die shortly after birth and many suffer from various physical, neurological, or intellectual disabilities afterwards. In … Read More »

Young changemaker striving against gender discrimination

Anika Subah Ahmad Upoma is one of the nineteen changemakers from Bangladesh who received this year’s Diana Award. She founded Evolution360, an organisation that promotes the Sustainable Development Goal of gender … Read More »

61% of adolescents suffer from depression, 3.6% attempted suicide during pandemic: Survey

A total of 61.2 percent of youths (aged between 18 and 25) in Bangladesh are suffering from depression and 3.7 percent have attempted suicide during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a … Read More »

UNFPA Representative’s message for World Population Day 2021

Each year on July 11, in order to raise awareness of global population issues, UNFPA celebrates World Population Day. This year, in the context of COVID-19, the theme of the day … Read More »

UNFPA invites to its event: World Population Day 2021

UNFPA invites you to their commemoration of World Population Day, the most important day in the UNFPA calendar. When: July 13, 2021 at 1:00 PM (GMT+6) Where: This … Read More »

“Don’t judge me based on my gender, judge me based on my work and abilities” – Hochemin Islam

Transgender actor Hochemin Islam, a Gender and Sexual Rights Activist and a nurse, is set to appear in the Eid special television drama, “Nuruler Shesher Kobita’. Directed by Nikul Kumar Mondol, … Read More »