Child marriage 60.3% in Bhola district – Calling for better education facilities and local representatives

The strengthening of education facilities for girls and activeness of the local representatives and administrations can reduce the rate of child marriage in Bhola, said Nurunnabi Chowdhury Shawon, MP, Bhola-3 while … Read More »

Transgender youth and the right to access public washrooms

Although the practice of open defecation was declared 0 percent in Bangladesh in 2017, 22-year-old *Nishita Nisha, a member of the third gender community in Dhaka, said that she is still … Read More »

Nationwide study reveals – 63% men agree beating their wives is justified if denied sex

As we were just going through the recent statistics on an increase to gender based violence and violence against women, it was found from a nationwide research that 63 percent of … Read More »

Miscarriage tied to increased mortality

Miscarriage is associated with increased premature mortality in mothers, suggests an observational study in The BMJ. In the Nurses’ Health Study II, researchers assessed over 100,000 women who had been pregnant. … Read More »

Pandemic pushes up Child Marriages to a 13% increase in Bangladesh

Loss of income of parents and school closures amid the pandemic are the main reasons behind the increase in child marriages Bangladesh witnessed a 13% increase in child marriages during the … Read More »

Postpartum mental health issues crave attention

Women’s body undergoes not only physical but also emotional, psychological changes due to interactions of different hormones and chemical neurotransmitters. The intricate balance system can be disturbed by biological or environmental … Read More »

Climate change and and its impact on women in Bangladesh

Climate change has a significant level of impact on to women’s sexual and reproductive health, especially in Bangladesh – a low-lying, coastal, flood-prone country. In collaboration with Ms Eshita Rahman and … Read More »

Devastatingly pervasive: 1 in 3 women globally experience violence

Violence against women remains devastatingly pervasive and starts alarmingly young, shows new data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and partners. Across their lifetime, 1 in 3 women, around 736 million, … Read More »

Improving Gender Equality at Your Workplace

It is never too late to improve gender equality at your workplace. Having an equal number of men and women in the workplace is just the first step to achieving gender … Read More »

High Court: Don’t reveal identities of sexual harassment, rape victims

Barrister Mahfuzur Rahman Milon filed a writ petition with the High Court on January 19 seeking a ban on revealing the identities of rape and sexual harassment victims, no matter whether … Read More »