Focus on sexual and reproductive health

Speakers tell roundtable on prevention of STDs Improving the integration of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) into HIV-related programmes can better tackle the sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), speakers at a roundtable said … Read More »

Rumpa’s friend on remand

Police still have no clue about where Rumpa was for 4 hrs before death Stamford University student Rubaiyat Sharmin Rumpa’s friend Abdur Rahman Saikat was placed on a four-day remand yesterday … Read More »

The colonial legacy of rape laws

Rape continues to be one of the most prevalent forms of violence against women in the world and Bangladesh is sadly no exception. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that … Read More »

Protect female workers abroad

JS body asks ministry to take effective measures to save them from abuse, torture A parliamentary watchdog yesterday asked the foreign ministry to prepare a specific work plan to stop torture … Read More »

Ensure timely justice to prevent violence against women

Life has turned bitter for a Santal woman since she was gang-rapped by some influential people in 2014, centring control over a land. More than five years have already passed, but … Read More »

Child brides: Tales of robbed childhood and shattered dreams

Child marriage is an aberration that has permeated the boundaries of nationality, religion and race. Be it in Africa, Middle East, Latin America or Asia, child marriage nips the dreams of … Read More »

Guttmacher Institute is looking for submissions on abortion

IPSRH is looking for submissions on topics that are related to abortion, such as national incidence, women’s experiences seeking and obtaining abortion or postabortion care, provision and safety of services, availability … Read More »

From the frying pan into Saudi Arabia

Protect our migrant workers, don’t just ban them from going. We all know why people go to foreign countries, especially Middle Eastern countries, for work. The prospect of a good wage, … Read More »

83pc women face abuse from public transport staff: study

Road safety group recommends formation of gender-responsible guideline for the sector Stating that 83 percent women face abuse from public transport staff on the streets, Road Safety Foundation yesterday called for … Read More »

Bagerhat MATS removes four staffers from campus over sexual harassment

In the face of students’ protest, principal says further action will be taken after investigation The authorities of Bagerhat Medical Assistants’ Training School (MATS) have removed four staffers from campus after students … Read More »