From Expectations to Aspirations: Dreams vs. Duties of Working Mothers in Bangladesh

In the intricate web of life, the roles assigned to men and women have often been delineated by societal norms. There’s an age-old adage that asserts that no one can care … Read More »

MHM & SRHR Kit Distribution held in Moheshkhali by WAYDO

Women Aid & Youth Development Organization (WAYDO), based in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, recently initiated a Nutrition Kit Distribution Program in Moheshkhali, under the Humanitarian Enhancement Aid for Resilient Transformation-HEART Society, a … Read More »

Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: A Crucial Global Imperative

The fundamental human rights of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are essential to both gender equality and individual well-being. They cover a wide range of topics, including assuring access … Read More »

Empowering Men: The Missing Link in Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Anonymous blog post: In the realm of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education, much of the focus has historically centered around women and adolescent girls. While it is undeniable that women’s … Read More »

The case of Germany: Comprehensive Sexuality Education does NOT lead to more sexual activity among adolescents

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools is a controversial issue. It is a common perception in Bangladesh that CSE may increase sexual activity among adolescents. In this article, Hannah Reckzeh, a … Read More »

Model initiative to improve the quality of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for the Youth

The essential sexual and reproductive health care rights are constrained by the COVID-19 overdose. Model Youth Parliament and Global Platform ActionAid Bangladesh have taken initiative to model Union Health and Family … Read More »

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Child marriage and linkage with fear and desire to control girls’ sexuality

In the narrative of child marriage- poverty, lack of education, opportunity of girls, lack of awareness of parents and community etc- these are often cited and spoken of as drivers for … Read More »

Adolescent Trouble!?

Adolescence is a period of discovery. The young, energetic soul during this time grows soaking up new knowledge, experiences, skills, facing biological changes, dealings with new emotions, and so on. Every … Read More »

GNB launched CALL FOR LAW REFORM of Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2017 in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Bangladesh’s high rate of child marriage has multifaceted causes and consequences. Parents of girls are usually motivated to … Read More »

Action Research on Covid-19 Threatening to Existing SRH Services for Young People

COVID19 global pandemic has created extra challenges for both service providers and recipients. Young people faced significant barriers in accessing essential sexual and reproductive health information and services before the crisis. … Read More »