Preventing Child Marriage on Bicycles

Meghna, an adolescent leader from Rangpur received news of a family marrying off their 12-13 year old daughter. She successfully stopped that marriage from taking place by enlightening her parents on … Read More »

Highlights of Initiatives on Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Share-Net Bangladesh published a book on January 8, 2019. This book is a part of Share-Net Bangladesh’s Knowledge Collaborative on addressing Child Marriage issues in Bangladesh. It aims to highlight the … Read More »

Booklets for youngsters!

Youngsters, in particular those with disability are highly vulnerable. They are confronted with aggression and violence throughout society, with little protection against assaults. They often live in an environment in which … Read More »

The International Girl Child Day- With Her: A Skilled GirlForce

  October 11th is the International Girl Child Day. The international theme is – “With Her: A Skilled GirlForce” IMAGE Plus works to bring the seemingly forgotten group of girls who … Read More »

Documentary for BLAST

Involvement of men and boys can play a crucial role in decreasing violence against women and promote women empowerment as well. This documentary was produced by Red Orange  for BLAST. Watch … Read More »

Documentary for UN Women

A documentary was filmed to raise awareness on sexual violence in educational institutions for UN Women. The documentary tried to depict how women have to face sexual harassment every day while … Read More »

A tool to identify bottlenecks in service delivery

A large number of our members are public health practitioners. Nowadays it has become more important to have a rigorous pre and post evaluation of any kind of intervention carried out. … Read More »


Human trafficking is a violation of Human Rights

According to the US Human Trafficking Report 2017, Human trafficking status in Bangladesh got worse as the country failed to step up its efforts to eliminate human trafficking. Bangladesh was downgraded … Read More »

Video on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day

In our society women face different forms of sexual harassment on the public place. Women are forced to be indulged in the relationship and if they don’t they encounter different forms … Read More »

Does the 774 rape cases sound alarming in Bangladesh?

According to the report of Ain o Salish Kendra, 774 rape cases have been filed since January to October. The number indicates the severity of violence on women in Bangladesh. Apart … Read More »