Domestic violence among South Asians in USA

Among the South Asian community in the United States, domestic violence is a prevalent problem of significant magnitude. Although the community thoroughly denies the existence of this atrocity, women have been systematically organizing anti violence against women actions for the last 15 years.

At this time, it is a vibrant movement struggling with several complex issues that are perhaps less common in the dominant white community. As in the lives of immigrant women of color, much of the intricacies of domestic violence in the South Asian context emerge from the intersections of race, class, and residency status problems. Consequently, a slew of personal, institutional, and cultural barriers commingle to form roadblocks for battered South Asian women, who attempt to escape family violence. As the needs of battered South Asian first and second generation women enlarge and become more perceptible, the community-based organizations have to ready themselves for more complicated activities in the future.


Das Dasgupta, S. (2000). Charting the course: An overview of domestic violence in the South Asian community in the United States. Journal of social distress and the homeless9(3), 173-185.

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(This mixture of sketching and digital art represents the verbal abuse a married rural Indian woman is facing)

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