Second year of #HeForShe in Bangladesh

“Bangladesh has progressed far on the path towards gender equality in both public and private spheres. Even then, gender based violence is evident in society and gender bias is often a norm in both private and public lives of everyday people. Being leaders in our fields of work; we have the privilege to take action and influence those in our spheres.”

“As HeForShe champions, we have the responsibility to project our actions and lead by example in hope that more men will be engaged to achieve gender equality.” said Johan Frisell, the Ambassador of Sweden in Bangladesh.

The Ambassador along with UNWomen Bangladesh organized a round-table discussion in celebration of the second anniversary of the ‘HeForShe’ solidarity campaign in Bangladesh, on the 6th of March 2017.

The “HeForShe” campaign is a global movement for men, initiated by UN Women, to mobilize men and boys for women’s rights. A Bangladesh chapter of this movement was launched two years ago.

The panelists at the roundtable were prominent men from Bangladesh and members of the international community in Bangladesh. The roundtable discussion was co-facilitated by the Ambassador and Christine Hunter, Representative, UNWomen.

Discussions centered on what each panelist had done to promote gender equality, women’s rights and emancipation and, where applicable, how had they delivered on the commitment that they had made in the context of HeForShe. The discussion also ensued on the subject of how men Bangladesh can be engaged for gender equality, parental leave in corporate and government sectors and the importance of making skills and services readily available and safe for women.

The sessions ended with each panelist renewing their commitments to support gender equality in all aspects of their lives.

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