Cause and Effect of Adolescent Depression

The two major causes of depression of both adolescent boys and girls are poverty and poor relation between parents. Another vital cause of depression only for boys is family history of depression. Here in case of girls, main cause of depression is reproductive illness and sexual abuse. Among these adolescents, most of them never seek help.

This journal tries to measure the factors of depression of adolescent boys and girls aged 13–19 years in a rural district and urban slums of Dhaka city, Bangladesh. The report concludes that school-based counseling program with components of cognitive behavioral therapy and developing referral systems can diminish the harmful consequences of depression.


Nasreen, H. E., Alam, M. A., & Edhborg, M. (2016). Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depressive Symptoms Among Disadvantaged Adolescents: Results from a Population‐Based Study in Bangladesh. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing29(3), 135-144.

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