Share-Net Bangladesh Knowledge Fair:Identifying the Knowledge Gap in the Adolescent SRHR issue in Bangladesh

Around the applause of the lively presence of audience, Share-Net Bangladesh has organized Knowledge Fair 2017 for the second time on 21st December at Long Beach Suits. All the participants including the … Read More


Rokeya’s Dream

Born in 1880 in Rangpur, Begum Rokeya was thrust upon an age, where education opportunities for girls were virtually non-existent. Yet, she defied her father’s restrictions, the patriarch of her family and … Read More


SRHR rights of the persons with disabilities: An overlooked issue

In our society, people with disability face different form of sexual violence on daily basis. Because of lack of research, there is no proper data on the extremity of this situation. There … Read More

Sex workers should be included in the formal health care system

According to WHO about 20.9 million people are receiving HIV treatment in the mid-2017. Though the progress has been made to reduce the transmission of the disease, the risk of having HIV … Read More

Comprehensive Measure to reduce domestic violence

On 16 days activation against gender based violence started from 25th November, Share-Net Bangladesh has intensive interview with prominent human rights activist and gender specialist Sheepa Hafiza, Executive Director of Ain and … Read More

Increased tolerance of men can reduce the violence against women

In Bangladesh women face various forms of violence. Each year many women are physically tortured, raped, murdered and abducted. The digital arena has put women as victim of the cyber bullying as well. … Read More

Prevention is better than cure

Breast cancer is a silent epidemic in Bangladesh. Since 2013, Breast Cancer Awareness Day has been observed in Bangladesh. In our country, more than one lac twenty two thousand people get affected by … Read More

Secured future for the adolescent girls

Around the world, the adolescent girls face  lots of vulnerabilities like gender inequality, malnutrition, child marriage and teen-age pregnancy. About 600 million girls around the world disappear form International Development agenda. To … Read More

MR service in Bangladesh: Challenges and Solutions

  Since abortion is illegal in Bangladesh except in emergency case of saving the mother’s life, menstrual regulation is securing the reproductive rights of the women in Bangladesh. Menstrual regulation (MR) is … Read More

Information on contraceptives should be accessible to adolescent

Bangladesh has made impression in achieving MDG 4 and 5 which indicates the family planning and contraceptive use, reduction of the fertility rate and maternal and child mortality. Many adolescent people end … Read More