Menstrual Hygiene Management in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the MHM Interventions

According to the World Bank (2019), over 500 million women and girls globally live without adequate facilities of menstrual hygiene management. Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is the key hygiene process for … Read More »

A systematic analysis of the effects of Child Marriage on SRHR in times of Climate Change and COVID-19

With an increasing trend of child marriage observed in recent statistics in Bangladesh, it is not only the pandemic and its multifaceted impacts, but the impacts of climate change that have … Read More »

Policy Review: SRHR for Unmarried Young People in Bangladesh

Young people of Bangladesh constitute one third of the entire population. To ensure their well-being, the Government of Bangladesh and the development partners have introduced and implemented a wide range of … Read More »

Research Paper: Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health and SRHR

A growing number of people are suffering from mental health issues around us. As an unhealthy mental state is not visible to bare eyes, it is often ignored or dealt with … Read More »

Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse in Bangladesh: A research roadmap for the way forward

With the initiative and support of Share-Net Bangladesh, two highly professional and accomplished researchers Dr. Sanzida Akhter and Md. Abu Naser has conducted the research on “Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse in Bangladesh: … Read More »

Adolescent Trouble: A Qualitative Study on MHM and Forms of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse among the Street Children in Dhaka City

In Bangladesh, a large population of children are living a childhood in the streets that is harshly different from an ideal environment for children. In some cases, groups of children who … Read More »

Research: SRHR Practice among the Adolescents with evidence from Dhaka city

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of Adolescents had been one of the less discussed/discovered issues until recently, at least in Bangladesh. Due to its sensitivity and varying standards from … Read More »

Policy Review: Breaking the Taboo: Menstruation in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, menstrual hygiene is a taboo and heavily stigmatised subject to be discussed openly in public or even in the family. Taboo and misconceptions associated with menstruation cause women and … Read More »


This research was conducted by Sanjida Bintey Ali and funded by Share-Net Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s transgender community has been neglected for a long period of time. An estimated 10,000 of Bangladesh’s total population … Read More »


This research was conducted by Md. Arif Chowdhury and funded by Share-Net Bangladesh. Slum areas in Dhaka city is a cluster of dense settlements where the number of people is gradually … Read More »