Policy Brief: Experiences and Perceptions of Mid-adolescents, Parents and Teachers on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Very recently SERAC-Bangladesh along with the University of Jordan, AFPA-Burundi and Share-Net Bangladesh has developed and published the report followed by policy brief, under Share-Net International Small Grant project from the … Read More »

Accelerating Gender-Responsive Climate Action through Empowered CSOs – Capacity Needs Assessment in Bangladesh

The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) partnered with UN Women for this study titled ‘Accelerating Gender-Responsive Climate Action Through Empowered CSOs – Capacity Needs Assessment in Bangladesh’. This … Read More »

A cross-sectional study on Family Planning factors during COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh

A recent study titled ‘Prevalence and factors associated with family planning during COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: A cross-sectional study’ was published on PLOS ONE on September 21, 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic … Read More »

Research article evaluating the reach towards women at work with health programming in Bangladesh

A recent study on “Reaching women at work with health programming in Bangladesh: results of difference-in-differences analysis among female factory workers”, conducted by Sara Chace Dwyer and Aparna Jain from Population … Read More »

Research article: COVID-19 and the lives of persons with disabilities in Bangladesh

One research article titled ‘COVID-19 in Bangladesh: an especially difficult time for an invisible population’ was published on 31 May, 2021 on the international journal Disability & Society. The article was authored … Read More »

Research Article on Disability and Sexuality

An excelllent research article titled ‘Disability and sexuality: claiming sexual and reproductive rights’ was authored by Renu Addlakha, Janet Price & Shirin Heidari, published on the international journal Reproductive Health Matters. … Read More »

Breaking The Silence on Infertility: Policy Brief

This Policy Brief is a knowledge product from the 2019 Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference, by Marie E. Thoma, Muntaha Gharaibeh, Elly Leemhuis, Arnob Chakrabarty, Kishore Kumer Basak, & Ananya Krishnan. Abstract … Read More »

Policy Brief: Gaps in Legal Protections against Gender-based Violence for Transgender Persons in Bangladesh

Transgender people in Bangladesh face an exceptionally high risk of gender-based violence. They experience various forms of disadvantage and discrimination in their daily lives. Members of the transgender community face significant … Read More »

Literature Review: Knowledge, attitudes and experiences among adolescent girls on Menstrual Regulation (MR)

This study has been conducted by Cecilia Espinoza (Ipas Senior Advocacy Advisor), Ghazaleh Samandari (Independent consultant) and Kathryn Andersen (Chief Scientific and Technical Officer) from Ipas, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Adolescent girls … Read More »

Literature Review: Factors influencing sexual reproductive health service provision to Indigenous people in Bangladesh

Technical capacity of health workers to provide Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services and information to especially vulnerable people, including indigenous peoples, needs strengthening. As input for the “We Care” project that … Read More »