2024-2029 Priorities for EU Action to Advance Gender Equality and Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights

“Ahead of the start of a new political cycle in the European Union (EU) in mid-2024, there is a critical opportunity to bolster commitments and action to ensure that the EU’s … Read More »

Towards Economic and Climate Justice: A Feminist Analysis of Critical Trends

In the face of a complex web of crises spanning climate emergency, biodiversity loss, escalating debt, and deepening inequality, women, girls, and gender-diverse people find themselves disproportionately affected. The Feminist Action … Read More »

From Crisis to Curriculum: Examining the Necessity of Anti-Sexual Violence Education

In recent years, sexual violence has cast a dark shadow over the sanctity of higher education institutions in Indonesia and beyond. The education sector, intended to be a haven for learning, … Read More »

From 2012 to 2022: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Impact on SRHR

Research Brief: Consistent Efforts, Persisting Challenges Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Contributions to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (2012–2022) In the last decade, the Netherlands has demonstrated a steadfast commitment … Read More »

Involving boys in Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM): A pilot study

It has been proposed that teaching boys about puberty and menstruation can help to lessen the stigma associated with menstruation and the unfavourable attitudes toward it. To raise an understanding of … Read More »

Study: Climate Change impacting 90% coastal women

A study by the Center for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD) at a seminar titled “Climate Injustice Vs Gender Justice: Why should this matter?” revealed the adverse effect of climate change … Read More »

Rapid Knowledge Translation Approach for Better SRHR in Bangladesh, Burundi, Indonesia, and Jordan

To avoid morbidity and mortality associated with sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and to ensure access to rights, it is crucial to translate knowledge into policy and practice. Current … Read More »

Research on CSE: Mapping for Adolescent People in Bangladesh

Comprehensive sexuality education offers important information and practical skills. They not only include details about safe sex and how to avoid getting pregnant, but aware of one’s own bodies and limits, … Read More »

CMMS & SNBD carried out workshop on “Infertility in SRHR Lens: Policy & Practices”

With the assistance of Share-Net Bangladesh, the Centre for Men & Masculinities Studies (CMMS) carried out a study in 2021 titled “Infertility in SRHR Lens: Policy & Practices.” They held an … Read More »

Critical Considerations and Actions for Achieving Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Context of Universal Health Coverage Through a Primary Health Care Approach

The goal of “Critical Considerations and Actions for Achieving Universal Access to Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Context of Universal Health Coverage through a Primary Health Care Approach” is … Read More »