Experiencing shame: An affective reading of the sexual and reproductive health and rights classroom in Bangladesh

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Disaster, Vulnerability, and Violence Against Women: Global Findings and a Research Agenda for Bangladesh

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Trend of child marriage in Bangladesh: A reflection on significant socioeconomic factors

A complicating factor for child marriage in Bangladesh is age heaping or digital preference, where young girls misreport their age, claiming to be older or younger than they are. Analysis based … Read More »

Knowledge and Perception of Early Marriage among Adolescent Girls in a Selected Community of Rangpur District, Bangladesh

Early marriage (EM) is a threatened issue for adolescent girls. The direct reproducers for future generations are adolescent girls. Healthy adolescent girl indicate healthy future generation. The health of Bangladeshi adolescent … Read More »

Health care practices of slum dweller adolescent girls in Bangladesh: The case of Sylhet city

The aim of the paper is to know the health care practices of adolescent girls living in the slum areas of Sylhet city, Bangladesh, understand their health and hygiene issues including … Read More »

Enhancing the Knowledge and Behaviors of Fieldworkers to Promote Family Planning and Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health in Bangladesh Through a Digital Health Training Package

Community health workers, also known as fieldworkers (FWs), are frontline health-care providers in Bangladesh, where unmet need in family planning outcomes related to maternal and child health are high. A digital … Read More »

Intimate partner violence and depression in rural Bangladesh: Accounting for violence severity in a high prevalence setting

Intimate partner violence (IPV) against women is highly prevalent globally, and is associated with adverse health outcomes, including depression. Though women living in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) face a larger … Read More »

Women’s microfinance participation and HIV literacy in Bangladesh: results from a nationally representative study

This study evaluated the association between microfinance participation and HIV literacy within a nationally representative sample of 3,614 married women aged 15–49 years from the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey, 2011. Using … Read More »

Knowledge of Menstruation and the Practice of Hygiene among Adolescent Girls in Bangladesh

Background: Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon which is unique to female and a healthy normal, mature process for adolescent girls. Menstrual hygiene is therefore an essential part of basic hygienic … Read More »

Reproductive health and desire for children among young female sex workers in Bangladesh brothels

Globally, reproductive health research among female sex workers (FSWs) often focuses on pregnancy prevention, but many women who sell sex aspire to have children in the future. In Bangladesh, where early … Read More »