About Share-Net Bangladesh

Share-Net Bangladesh is the country hub of Share-Net International, a Knowledge Platform focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Share-Net Bangladesh is the first of Share-Net International’s country hub, drawing on the years of experiences and interventions by practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in the field of sexual reproductive health, especially placing SRHR at the centre of human rights.

Share-Net Bangladesh aims to bring together the Communities of Practice (CoP) that consist of social and medical researchers, development practitioners, health workers, government officials and legal experts to engage with one another to find solutions and take critical issues forward.

Share-Net Bangladesh is hosted by RedOrange Media and Communications.

Mission Vision

Our Vision

Universal access to and utilisation of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Our mission

Evidence-informed policies and practices enable everyone to have a satisfying and safe sex life, the freedom to decide how many children they want, when and with whom, and access to good-quality care to ensure their sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

Priorities of Share-Net Bangladesh:

  • Promote interaction between the national, international, sustainable and empowered community of practice and encourage them to share learning.
  • To apply the knowledge to evidence-informed SRHR programs, policies and practices.
  • Enable the members and the strategic partners to connect, discuss, share, translate and jointly operate this knowledge network on SRHR.
  • Ensure the accessibility of the policymakers, practitioners and researchers to the knowledge platform and enable them to address the relevant knowledge gaps on SRHR scientifically, politically and practically.

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