BRAC Achievements in Maternal Health

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has set a target to improve the maternal health by 2015. Bangladesh has significantly improved in maternal health since 2008 though it is a developing and poor country. Maternal health is related with poverty alleviation. BRAC has done a successful project by emphasized on poor and young women to improve the maternal health throughout Bangladesh since 2007. Awareness program on health by visiting house to house can help to reduce the maternal complicacy in Bangladesh. Access to health service in hospital and clinic are expensive in Bangladesh. Mid wives play important role to reduce the cost during the child birth at village level. How the successful experience of BRAC on maternal health can be applied in the other relevant fields have been focused. The following study has proved that Bangladesh can reach the given target by MDGs.


Singha R. (2012). Target of MDG to Development of Maternal Health in Bangladesh: A Review of BRAC Achievement. Bangladesh Res. Pub. J. 7(4): 454-460.

Photo Reference: A BRAC health worker and community health volunteer provide prenatal care in the home of a Bangladeshi woman near Dhaka.

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