Organisation name:

BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University

Project Name:

Preventing early marriage in urban poor settlements in Bangladesh

Focused area/issue:


(i) To Understand underlying issues and characteristics that shape decisions surrounding ECM in the context of urban slums from the perspective of communities living in urban slums. (ii)To undersatnd the lives of adolescent girls, including their social, educational and economic circumstances, health and mental wellbeing, and sexual choices and rights in urban poor communities for ECM and the factors which are interact (iii) To understand the underlying issues and characteristics that contribute to delayed marriage (i.e. a young women not marrying until they are 18 years or older?) (iv)To understand the successes, challenges and lessons can be learned from existing interventions that address ECM in urban poor slum settlements, Initially focusing on the activities of BLAST and BRAC ADP.

Target People:

13-24 years adolescents and younng adolescetns


Jul 2015-Dec 2018

Major activities:

(i) Qualitative Study (ii)Quantitive Study (iii)Advocacy around key recommendations (iv) Developing IEC materials and publications




IDRC, Canada

Number of beneficiaries:

Total respondent of the Study is 2421 (Qualitative 285 and Quantitative 2136

Contact person:

Syeda Seama Mowri Senior Project Coordinator

Geographical Area:

Two slum (Bhasantek and Shantinagar) of Dhaka and Chittagong City

List of the IEC Materials:

(i) A policy brief is being developed. (ii)A Legal factsheet is being developed. (iii)Photonarratives on lives of adolescent girls in urban slums is prepared (iv)website showcasing project information (v)Video documentary (TBD) on community perceptions of early marriage is prepared.