Organisation name:

UBR- Unite for Body Rights

Project Name:

Hello I Am......Ending Child Marriage

Focused area/issue:


Hello, I Am envisions a supportive social environment that enables adolescent girls to enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights, free from all forms of child marriage. In the long term, fewer girls will be married before the age of 18, first pregnancies will be delayed and more adolescent girls will remain in school.

Target People:

Young people and their social environment, including parents, community members, and religious and community leaders.



Major activities:

The Hello, I Am programme incorporates the following strategies in a multi-component approach: • Edutainment: national TV and radio programmes for parents and young people to raise awareness of alternative behaviours, attitudes, or beliefs and to provide support and advice. Edutainment will be enhanced through moderated intergenerational dialogues and helplines to inform and support parents and young people • Meaningful Youth Participation, as part of an inclusive, rights-based approach: to ensure that interventions address the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people in a youthfriendly manner, and that interventions are (co)led by young leaders, facilitators and counsellors • Local advocacy promoting change in social norms, through engaging traditional and religious leaders, awareness raising and the creation of networks. The programme will be underpinned by a Positive Deviance Approach which focuses on modelling positive behaviour and community-based problem solving with regard to early marriage.




IKEA Foundation through RUTGERS

Geographical Area:

Gazipur Sadar, Chittagong Sadar, Mymensingh Sadar, Durgapur of Netrokona, Modhyanagar in Sunamganj, and Savar in Dhaka

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