A Happy Home for Mothers and Children

Imagine a 16 year old girl who got impregnated by an uncle and can’t tell her family of the abuse she endured. If anyone finds out in the village, she will … Read More »

Little Beads of Joy!

Eid means happiness, Eid means joy! Eid being the biggest occasion in our country is celebrated with great preparations. Yet there are some struggling everyday to make ends meet, working hand … Read More »

Gaining Access; Raising Awareness.

Last month, in between my Grade-2, English lesson, I see Sima (12 years old) wave at me from the back of the class. I have a rule in my class that … Read More »

An attempt to make a difference

A white classroom. A primary school classroom. The only difference it has bright red, green, blue and purple hand prints all over the classroom. The bright white walls are filled with … Read More »

My Journey towards Transformational Teaching

I have always been inclined towards education and educators. My mother was an educator, she served as primary school teacher for over 25 years, and my maternal grandfather was an educator … Read More »

A Hard Reality

As a Fellow at Teach for Bangladesh I teach full-time in a government primary school. I started my Fellowship from November 2014 and have nearly completed 1 year. From working in … Read More »

Child Marriage: Current Challenges, Building New Advocacies

Introductory post In the recent times, child marriage has re-emerged as a critical point of intervention in ensuring gender equality and combating against gender based violence and abuses in Bangladesh. National … Read More »

Reforming Medico Legal Evidence Collection in Rape Cases in Bangladesh

Rape is a horrific crime, which puts a victim through acute physical and psychological suffering. In Bangladesh, rape survivors find it very difficult to seek justice, due to severe stigma unresponsive … Read More »