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Adarsha Samajik Progoti Sangstha ( ASPS)

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: Kbd. Md. Mustasim billah
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About the organisation

ASPS is a non-profitable, non-political and non-government humanitarian philanthropic organization. It is
registered with Department of Social Welfare and Department of Youth Development and also enlisted by
Bangladesh Election Commission  for election observer. ASPS  is situated in Hilly and Haor based climate
vulnerable and  disaster prone, poverty stricken area of North-East part of Bangladesh .ASPS has been
working experience  with the different vulnerable group without distinction of caste in the North-East region
of Bangladesh to bring their positive change through different development activities.
The organization was established in 1990 and duly registered with the Govt. in 22-08-1990. The
Major activities of this organization are Improve cook stove ( ICS) program as partner organization Of
IDCOL, Partner organization of Harvest Plus to multiply and distribute seed, educate farmers on
the benefits of zinc rice, and promote wider adoption and consumption of the crop through
public awareness campaigns. We also provide training and technical support to our farmers.
Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action ( MAMA ) Bangladesh as implementing partner with Life chord,
awareness rising on Early Marriage , Reproductive Health & Family Planning, Nutrition education,
organic farming, Bio gas plant, Dress making & tailoring and Non formal education and early
childhood development. To implement these programs necessary funds have managed from
members’ of the organization, community contribution, Government grants, local donation. ASPS
believe that man is the architect of his own fate by utilizing his own latent and potentialities. ASPS
with its great sincerity, strives to augment human dignity, self-respect, justice and fraternity in the
process of development. It leads the programs towards people’s economic sustainability
emphasizing non-directive, bottom up and participatory, holistic development approach. We will
push forward together the agenda for poverty and hunger free society and ensure basic human
rights, education, environment and livelihood development for a sustainable development of our
future generation, especially for those who face the greatest barriers to opportunity.