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Association For Alternative Development (AFAD)

: 14/08/1998
Head of organisation
: Sayda Yesmin
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: Sayda Yesmin
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About the organisation

Background of the Organization:
Kurigram district is poverty prone area. Every year many people fight against hunger in the month of August to October. Women become victims during this starving situation and their life become vulnerable due to domestic violence. During humanitarian crisis women and girls, become double time victims in the family and the society. Many women do not get sufficient nutrition. Destitute women are also vulnerable and they are maintaining their family with their own income but while natural and human made disaster occurred, their income source get stopped and they have no way to maintain family. Consecutive 4 times flood in 2020 along with covid 19 pandemic made their life in a more vulnerable situation.

Vision: Vision: to contribute to establish an enabling environment for realization and protection of fundamental human rights of men and women where people are self-reliant as individuals

Mission: Mission: to empowerment women particularly young women towards building a better world by developing their capacities and to make them active contributor within the society