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Association for Realisation of Basic Needs- ARBAN

: 1984
Head of organisation
: Muhammed Kamal Uddin
Contact Persons
: Mongchingsha Marma
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About the organisation

ARBAN is a non-governmental development organization, concerned with the fundamental rights and the basic needs of the people. It was founded on 18th February 1984. ARBAN has been rendering about 36 years of services for the wellbeing of the poor & disadvantage people of the Urban & Rural areas mostly located in Dhaka Metropolitan Area, Cyclone & Flood prone coastal and economically backward areas of Bangladesh.
ARBAN dedicate its resources for the empowerment and emancipation of the disadvantaged women, men, adolescents and children by raising their critical consciousness, releasing their creative potentials and building people’s organization to improve their socio-economic status enabling establishment of genuine democracy and good governance. ARBAN believes that all development projects and programs should be directed towards the fulfillment of the basic needs and fundamental rights of the people in need.