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Center for Rural Child Development (CRCD)

: 1990
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Head of organisation
: Quazi Iqbql Bahar Sabery
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: Quazi Iqbql Bahar Sabery
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About the organisation

CRCD is a non-government, non-profitable, non-political voluntary development organization, emerged as a forum to addresses the need of societies particularly to upgrade socio, economic and cultural status of disadvantaged, underprivileged and distress people of community and to uphold human rights to all with particular focus on women and children.
It was come into being in January 1990 by the initiative of few committed and social welfare minded and philanthropist persons. The key pioneer of this initiative was a noble and kindhearted man Quazi Iqbal Bahar Sabery. Evolving CRCD was just a reflection of his love toward poor people and to serve them.
Management / Governance
There are general body consisting of 22 members and Executive body consisting of 7 members. The GB is the apex and highest policy formulation body. It sits once a year to review and approves plans, budget, expenditure, progress and formulates policies and take policy decisions. It also elects a seven member executive committee for two-year tenure to implement work plan approved by general body. The EC (Executive Committee) implement all action plans and hold meeting bi-monthly to review the progress and take policy decisions. The general secretary works as Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) of the organization and represent CRCD at every forums. He is solely responsible for overall management, administration, and implementation of all programs. He is reportable to the EC. However the Executive Director is assisted by a group of highly skilled professionals to carry out his jobs.

Staff Strength
CRCD believes that Human Resource development is a must for efficient management and implementation of any program. To achieve that goal CRCD, in a periodic manner organizes or sent her staffs to many life skill development trainings courses of various subjects. It has a special training cell for effective management of all trainings.
CRCD has now 26 regular staffs and 68 project based staffs, 5 part-time consultants.

The vision of CRCD is to establish a just society free from poverty, hunger, exploitation, discrimination, injustice, and socio-economic inequality and to ensure and established equal rights for everybody so that everybody can lead a decent life with happiness, joy and human dignity.

The mission of CRCD is to established women and child rights, eliminate gender discrimination, promote protection and participation, survival development of Children, established a society free from poverty. Injustice, hunger, inequality, exploitation and socio-economic discrimination for overall socio-economic upliftment of disadvantaged and underprivileged poor people of community.

Organization values

a) Mutual respect and respect to all as human being with particular focus to elders, handicapped (Physical and mental), women, distress people.
b) Honesty and sincerity, and transparency at all level.
c) Participatory decision-making and teamwork.
d) Accountability and transparency at all level.
e) Protect Human rights and Human dignity.
f) Strong believe and practice in Human Rights.
The aim of CRCD is to establish a prosperous society by developing socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged, underprivileged, distress and down trodden people particularly women and children through motivation, mobilization, income generation, capital formation, entrepreneurship development, and employment generation of their socio-economic development and to ensure equal rights. Few of her objectives are as follows-
i) To organize distressed and disadvantaged people through mobilization for social awareness, generation of savings and achieving self-reliance economically.
ii) To develop human resources by skill development and behavioral changes through providing training, education.
iii) To establish child and women rights following the guidance of UNCRC through providing necessary support and assistance.
iv) Empowering the underprivileged people so that they can lead a decent lives and enjoys and ensures their equal rights.
v) Helping the process of empowering distress women and men and minor community people for their self-development by generating employment opportunity and through entrepreneurship development.
vi) Provide transfer of skill, technologies, micro-credit etc to alleviate poverty situation of vulnerable women and men.
vii) To protect environment and eco-balance.
viii) To ensure health for all in line with MDG by ensuring primary health care, safe drinking water, sanitation, nutrition, HIV/AIDS prevention. Reproductive health.
ix) To provide relief and rehabilitation support for natural disaster people.
x) To build and establish strong network among government, non-government, national and international development partners to harness the pace of developments efforts and policy advocacy and preserve rights of deprived people.
xi) To gather information on poverty stricken population about socio-economic analysis, nature, causes and prevention strategies for research and making future right course of actions.

Legal Status
Departments/Agency Registration No Date of Registration
NGO Affairs Bureau, under foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance 1017 10-03-1996
Directorate of Social Service, Government of Bangladesh Cha-1657 12-09-1991

CRCD believes in integrated total development of every human being to enjoy equal rights and to lead decent lives. This can be done through Capacity building, empowering and mobilizing of vulnerable community people like women and children involving them in development process. It also believes in participatory decision-making and teamwork.

SRHR publications/research

CRCD believes that health is the supreme subject of a man and good and sound heath is a must for employment, poverty reduction and national productivity. Bangladesh despite got independence for nearly 36 years lagging far behind in proving health services to all. Poor medical infrastructure, inadequate heath service facilities, dearth of adequate doctors and nurses particularly in the rural areas has been a common scenario of Bangladesh. Still as many as 38% rural people do not have access to medical services. So CRCD has been putting more attention in Health and nutrition with particular emphasis on more vulnerable women and children. CRCD organized a lot of in house training for mothers on heath and nutrition issues and prevention of various common infectious diseases. To prevent high maternal mortality rate CRCD organized various training on safe motherhood, nutrition and trained TBAs. Moreover CRCD field staffs has made awareness to target rural people on various preventable diseases and provide curative services for most vulnerable and helpless people and referred to hospitals in serious cases. CRCD has been involved in many health related activities of GOB and other NGOs in prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI, EPI and drugs.