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Christian Hospital Chandraghona

: 1907
Head of organisation
: Dr. Probir Khyang
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: Simson Chakma
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About the organisation

Christian Hospital Chandraghona (CHC) is situated 45km north-east of Chittagong city, in the administrative area (upazila) of Kaptai within Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh. This hospital was established in 1907, by the Baptist Missionary Society, U.K. It started as a small health centre, initially providing clinic based primary health care and slowly grew into the main referral centre for the whole of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) and also part of neighbouring upazilas of Chittagong District. CHC has been working in both curative and preventive health, and has been rewarded by strong confidence and acceptance of its service from the whole population of CHT especially the tribal groups. The hospital is fully-staffed and has a new hospital building, which includes all basic and essential medical, surgical, obstetric and paediatric facilities.

Christian Hospital Chandraghona (CHC) is registered under the Social Health and Education Board of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Shanga.

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CHC is a service oriented organization. It’s a secondary health care center. All medical, general surgical, orthopedics and obstetrics and gynecological service is provided 24/7. But CHC’s main focus is on maternal and child health. Number of ANC, PNC, Delivery including normal delivery and C-Section patients are increasing year on. Due to increased number of patient for maternal care we have opened another Static clinic static clinic under UBR program. In this clinic we are providing service to only under 24 age’s patients. So from 2012 CHC is operating 2 static clinics at its base hospital for maternal care apart from 5 other static clinics for other patients. The two Static clinics for maternal care are run by qualified doctors assisted by midwives, and counselors. All most all patients attending here is for ANC and PNC. All ANC patients gets free ultra sound done. Doctors see’s patient individually and counsel all patients according to their need. In addition there is another counseling room adjacent and are being managed by counselors. Midwives also do counseling on the medical issues. Also counseling is a big part for all patients delivered at the hospital and is mainly done by doctor, midwives and counselors.