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Disability Pride Bangladesh

: 2023
Head of organisation
: Mohua Jarin Rushni Shathi
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: Mohua Jarin Rushni Shathi
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About the organisation

Disability Pride Bangladesh (DPB) stands as a symbol of hope, acceptance and unity for people with disabilities in Bangladesh.

Our organization dedicated to provide disable's awareness of right, employment, mental health issues and free education.

The member of this organization made mini comics, greeting cards and different kind of crafting staffs. These activities makes our members happy and active.

We also try to to sell these stuff and collect the fund for educational expenses.

Our mission is to creating awareness of knowledge, and delivering quality education to empower individuals to overcome their challenges.

We aim to break down barriers and bring up a society where every person, regardless of their abilities, can access quality education.

(Our Tagline : A Disable should have that all the equal rights and celebrates the unique abilities of each individual.)

SRHR publications/research

Title: “Disability Pride Bangladesh’s Aimed Empowering Through Education”

Me myself is a physical handicap. I know what kind of suffering a disable individual suffers. From my journey, we took decision to work for disable community and make sure maximum facilities for them throughout this organization.

This is our new organization. We requested to be a part of our organization.