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Gender Justice and Diversity (GJD) Division, BRAC

: 1972
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Head of organisation
: Selina Ahmed, Program Head, GJD, BRAC
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: Nurunnahar, Manager EMB, GJD, BRAC
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About the organisation

Gender Justice and Diversity has made a significant contribution to promote gender equality. The department’s recent organisational development efforts in 2012 include mainstreaming gender equality within different BRAC programmes and departments through the development and implementation of gender equality goal action plans. Also, it is successfully striving to increase the institutional capacity from a gender perspective.
Gender Justice and Diversity division (GJ&D) works to realise BRAC’s vision to free the world from all forms of exploitation and discrimination, where women, men and youth have the opportunity to realise their potential. GJ&D facilitates services to achieve gender equality within BRAC. It also works for gender equality at local, national and international levels where everyone can have access to equal rights and opportunities, as well as act to realise their own choices and potentials in economic, social and cultural spheres. After starting its official journey in 2005, the programme has a proven track record facilitating community movement on gender based discrimination and violence. It helps to build a gender-friendly working environment and community platform. Each individual, as staff and community workers act as agents of change to establish a just society for women, men and children. It is acting as a catalyst to promote sensitivity on issues of gender based discrimination, violence and sexual harassment. In addition, GJ&D is actively involved in national and international level policy advocacy through different human rights organisations, networks and alliances of government organisations, non-governmental organisations, and civil society organisations.
Main tasks of Gender Justice and Diversity:
1. Build capacity
2. Create gender friendly working environment
3. Strengthen gender knowledge
4. Strengthen networking communication
5. Publish gender awareness related documents.

SRHR publications/research

1. Creating Gender Responsive Branch Office of BRAC Assessment of an Intervention
2.Gender Climate of BRAC An Assessment
3.Lessons Learned from Gender Integration
4.STRENGTHENING GENDER EQUALITY:An Assessment of BRAC’s Gender Integration Initiatives