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Health21 (Centre For Best Practices and Management)

: 2003
Head of organisation
: Dr. Abu Jamil Faisel
Contact Persons
: Mohammad Alam Nuri
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About the organisation

Health21 is a healthcare market research and accessing firm working across the national boundary of Bangladesh as well as the international frontiers. It’s a non-profit organization aimed mainly to encourage the healthcare service providers to be within the globally accepted norms and practices and to render the best services through developing and promoting effective workforce management.Generally, it works for ensuring the welfare of the people of Bangladesh through promoting various healthcare related charitable objects, identifying and assessing healthcare related issues in the medical sectors and advocating those to the proper authorities suggesting probable solutions by conducting various researches.One of the main objectives of the Health21 is to organize various discussions, symposia, exhibitions, conferences on healthcare issues and disseminating and communicating the knowledge or information in different parts of Bangladesh using various media with the help of the eminent physicians, surgeons, social workers and medical representatives with or without patronage of the government, NGOs or others.It manages health related mishaps which happened in worldly think always first spontaneously to resolve the arisen issues. Health21 works for best Practice in health sector and Manage to reduce the Health related hazards promptly.