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HEED Bangladesh

: 1976
Head of organisation
: Executive Director
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: Mr. Anwar Hossain
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About the organisation

HEED’s Background:
HEED Bangladesh (Health, Education and Economic Development) is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to participate and promote national development through upgrading the socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people in the society. The organization, as a national non-governmental organization (NGO), was formed in 1974, by national Christian leaders and several western partner organizations in response to the post-war needs in Bangladesh. Since 1974, HEED Bangladesh has been working in the fields of health, education, agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, forestry, environment & natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, disaster management, socio-economic development of marginalized and underprivileged people, microfinance, nutrition & Hygiene education, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, rural development, awareness-raising, arsenic, women, street children, etc.

Legal Framework:
The organization has the legal authority to operate its activities all over the country through registration with relevant government agencies under the voluntary registration act. HEED is registered with the Department of Social Welfare to take and execute social development activities in Bangladesh. It is also registered with NGO Affairs Bureau under the foreign donation act of GoB to receive a donation from external donor agencies.
Registration Authority Registration Number Date of Registration
NGO Affairs Bureau Registration No: 024 22/4/1981
Department of Social Welfare Registration No. DSW/FDO/R 024 07/02/1980
Societies Act. No: XXI of 1860, S – 555, 26/10/1976
Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) Registration No: 01399-00645-00258 08/06/2008
Directorate of Population Control and Family Planning Affiliation No: 08 24/11/1978
Gender Issue:
At all level HEED efforts their best to address this issue. Empowering the powerless through non-formal education, conscious raising, and skill training with a view to helping them to regain human dignity, participate in the social socio-economic development work and emancipation from less human condition to a better human dignity and social value.

Special Strength:
HEED Bangladesh team has special skills in the health sector, general education & vocational education also skilled in Microfinance programs. Especially in the field of health sector we are very strong since 1974 we are working for Tuberculosis Control, Leprosy and Malaria programs.

HEED’s Coverage:
HEED Bangladesh is working at 120 Upazilas under 32 Districts with 132 offices and 06 divisions.

HEED Networks/Partnership:
HEED Bangladesh currently collaboration with more than 17 (seventeen) organizations.

Human Resources and Financial Capability:
HEED Bangladesh has a total of 1,800 staff as of January 2020. Among the total staff females are 823 and males are 977. Net worth as of FY 2017-2018 TK. 794,785,212 and external audit report has been completed by Mahfel Huq & Co.