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Jagoron Youth Forum

: 2011
Head of organisation
: Mohan Rabidas
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: Mohan Rabidas
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About the organisation

JAGORON Youth Forum is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization by the youth of tea garden of Bangladesh aimed at creating poverty and illiteracy-free tea garden through active participation of homegrown leadership knowledge based young generation.

At present the people of tea garden areĀ  belonging in such a vulnerable situation where they have no right on their own land, they get only Tk 69 working from morning to evening. Though 1.5 million peoples of tea gardens are citizen of Bangladesh, they don't get adequate government facilities. Government is not so much concerned about them and don't pay any attention to change their life though they are playing a great role in the economic development of the country through tea industry. The main cause of their underdevelopment is illiteracy. Education rate in tea gardens is very much poor. In tea garden there is no any college, high school, even there are only few govt. primary school in 167 tea gardens. When the students of tea gardens go to the mainstreaming school they have to face a lot of problem as their mother tongue is different from the mainstreaming student.

So, JAGORON Youth Forum is trying to bridge the gap between the youth of tea garden and mainstream through leadership training.