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Kashful Foundation

: 2017
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: Rafid Ariyan
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: Rakib Hassan
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About the organisation

Kashful Foundation is a youth-led organization working relentlessly in diminishing inequality from society. In collaboration with youth, we are running our activities since 2017. Our organization is working on implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our dedicated team is working diligently to end gender-based violence, ensure safe internet for all, educate people about child rights and child protection, engage youth in climate action, aware youth of decent work and enlighten youth leadership so that Youth can lead the nation to a better state. Kashful Foundation empowers children and young people and gives them the opportunity to express their ideas for the developed world as well as put them into action. Our first priorities are to develop young people’s creativity, empathy and leadership. We believe young people are a part of the solution to creating positive change in the world.

SRHR publications/research

Kashful Foundation works on the issue of SRHR through an initiative name “Learn2Protect” with the agenda of educating children and adolescents of Madrasas about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The madrasas are a particular emphasis of this effort because it seems to us that children and teenagers studying in madrasas do not have access to knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights compared to our normal children and teenagers. Under this initiative, we organize gamified interactive workshops in various madrasas through which we educate children and teenagers about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), bullying, and child safety through various games and activities. We try to maintain a gender balance of participants when we organize “Learn2Protect” in madrasas so that women and men have equal opportunities. Although we face many hurdles to ensuring women’s participation while organizing such workshops in Madrasahs, our skilled team can overcome these hurdles to ensure equal participation of women. Under my supervision, my organization is running this initiative as a pilot project in Dhaka, but from next January we will start operating this project in 10 Upazilas of the country, according to which our road map work has also started already, we will start working in the field as soon as we confirm a donor. On the other hand, my team is creating child and teen-friendly awareness comics and animations on the topic of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) under the “Learn2Protect” project.