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: 2016
Head of organisation
: Umama Zillur
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: Rayeeda Siddiqui
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About the organisation

Kotha is a youth-led organisation that tackles the culture of gender-based violence by working at the intersection of education, research, policy and the arts.

'Kotha at School' is our flagship program that incorporates comprehensive sexuality education to address gender-based violence in Bangladesh. 'Kotha at School' was developed under the Clinton Global Initiative and was awarded the Mount Holyoke College Social Innovation Award. Through this program, Kotha aims to address the lack of institution-based knowledge sharing about the effects of rigid gender norms and stereotypes, about maintaining good mental and physical health, issues of consent, relationship abuse, victim blaming, and bystander intervention. Kotha follows a right based, interactive curriculum that will allow students to critically challenge their perspectives on the issues introduced.

Kotha’s model moves away from the typical independent workshop model used to deliver information on these types of issues. We work through long term partnerships with high schools and middle schools ensuring sustainability of the lessons learnt by students.

Through education and skill development, Kotha wants to begin a cultural shift in high schools by fostering healthy conversations, encouraging respect amongst peers while equipping students with crucial life skills.

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