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Participatory Development Action Program

: 1996
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: Ms. Quazi Baby
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: Quazi Baby
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About the organisation

PDAP is a non-political and non-government development organization. It is initiated by a group of dedicated people who have substantial development experience with working in different organization. PDAP believes that a true development can be ensured by providing different support service to the people in need. PDAP is registered in January 1997 with the department of NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh. PDAP is a women based organization and working with Health, education and community resilience programme.
Vision of PDAP:
To address the needs of the vulnerable groups specially the women, adolescents and children and try to solve their problems.
Mission of PDAP:
PDAP works with people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease and other environmental problems. With multifaceted development interventions, PDAP strives to bring about positive change in the quality of life of these people.
PDAP is committed to making its programs socially, financially and environmentally sustainable using new methods and technologies. PDAP strongly believes and is actively involved in promoting human rights and dignity and gender equity.

SRHR publications/research

We have received news letter of Share-Net Bangladesh.
Share-Net International level SRHR based organization. Share-Net Bangladesh wishes a happier year 2021 by keeping calm, staying wise and being kind to others. A tool was prepared by Share-Net Bangladesh with the help of the monthly calendars by Action for Happiness, we are interested to get the tool.
We hope Share-Net Bangladesh will keep in tough with us and giving us an opportunity to be a member of Share-Net Bangladesh as well as Share-Net International.