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: 2004
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: Shaikh Md. Mominul Islam
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: Shaikh Md. Mominul Islam
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About the organisation

Prantoz Foundation is a non-registered Community-Based Organization (CBO) that was first started unofficially in 2004 as a self-help group named "Vivid Rainbow" for the marginalized SOGIESC population in Khulna division. It has emerged formally as a CBO in 2016 and working nationwide. Currently, it has an office in Dhaka and another in Khulna. Currently, it has a youth wing named "Prantoz Jubo Songho" which is a sister concern of the Prantoz Foundation. It has an Advisory Board and an Executive Board to run the organization properly. The Bengali/Bangla word "PRANTOZ" means "born from the edge", “born from the margin or periphery”, “originated from the margin” or "originated from the edge". The word "PRANTO" means "edge" or “periphery”. The Bengali word “PRANTO” is also called "Margin" in English. The most marginalized or poorest people who are neglected and oppressed by society, state, family, religion, law, etc. are called "Marginalized People" (People who are socio-economically and politically excluded and disadvantaged; people who are from the Margin or the Edge of the Society). Bengali term “PRANTIK JONOGOSHTTHI” means “marginalized people". The people who are pushed to the very end of society by the majority of the people in the society while being tortured and neglected or discriminated against; the people leaning against that wall are the "Marginalized People". The grassroots are called Marginalized people too.

Thus, "PRANTOZ" refers to people from all marginalized communities:
For example:
• Bede/Gypsy/Nomadic People,
• Pashmanda/Muslim Dalits,
• Harijans/Hindu Dalits/Namahsudras and other backward classes,
• People living with HIV (PLHIV),
• Sex Workers,
• Religious Minority People,
• Marginal Rural Farmers/Landless Farmers,
• People who live in Slums,
• Rural Women,
• Divorced and Widowed Women,
• People with Gender Diversity/Hijras/Intersex/Transgender/Koti/Meti/Dhurani,
• SOGIESC/LGBTIQA+/Queer People,
• Indigenous People/Tribal People/Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities,
• People who work in RMGs and other factories,
• People with Disabilities/Physically-challenged people,
• Rural Youth,
• Climate Refugees,
• Street Children,
• Homeless People,
• Workers of Tea Gardens,
• Poor Elderly Persons, etc.

Prantoz Foundation has approximately 500 registered members, 50 active members, and 20 volunteers. It has an executive committee of 13 people and it is elected by the members democratically. The President is the head of the executive committee. The goal of the organization is to empower disadvantaged and socially excluded people so that they can be self-dependent socio-economically. Prantoz Foundation is not a registered organization, but it is a member organization of ILGA Asia and Equal Network. Prantoz Foundation follows the model of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Good Governance. We dream of a sustainable, progressive, and just society where everyone will live in peace and prosperity with dignity. If you want, you can also join our movement as a volunteer. Prantoz Foundation is a multidisciplinary, non-profit, non-government feminist organization. It is an apolitical, non-religious, voluntary organization, self-help group, and community-based organization (CBO).

Prantoz Foundation is committed to Sustainable Development, Gender Justice, Gender Inclusion, Human Rights, SRHR, CSE, Climate Justice, Peace, Diversity, and Democracy. It also works for the rights of the SOGIESC people and their SRHR, mental health, sports, cultural, and educational activities to remove social, religious, cultural, and legal constraints to civic rights and freedom.

SRHR publications/research

Prantoz Foundation conducts research and training on SRHR. It has referral services for SOGIESC people and also counseling services. Prantoz helps persons who are suffering from STDs/STIs and also HIV-positive persons, especially from the SOGIESC community. It also has mental health services for Women and SOGIESC people. Currently, Prantoz is developing an SRHR/CSE curriculum and materials especially a Guidebook for Peer Educators for helping and counseling adolescents and youth.