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: 2006
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: Shampa Goswami
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: Shampa Goswami
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Prerona - Women Welfare Organization, registered with the Department of Social Services NGO Affairs Bureau in August 2022, has been a transformative force in the Satkhira district of Bangladesh. Their mission spans essential areas such as Preventing Child Marriage, addressing Climate Change, advancing Women's Livelihood, empowering Minority Development, improving Sanitation, and promoting Women's Empowerment. Prerona's holistic approach emphasizes women's active participation in these projects, with a core focus on inclusivity. Over the years, they've achieved substantial progress in poverty reduction, gender-based violence prevention, maternal health enhancement, gender equality, water and sanitation promotion, disaster response, and entrepreneurial development.

Even in the face of the daunting challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Prerona has remained steadfast in its commitment to humanitarian causes. Their dedication to Women Empowerment, WASH, and addressing critical issues like Child Marriage and Climate Action Adaptation is evident. Prerona recognizes the critical role of women's small businesses in rural communities and works diligently to provide financial and technical support for their economic empowerment. Despite resource limitations, Prerona continues to expand its capacity, emphasizing inclusiveness and gender correlation for women's empowerment and overall sustainable development.

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