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Profit Foundation (PF)

: 01.01. 2000
Head of organisation
: Mr. Nuruzzaman Ahmed, Executive Director, Profit Foundation, Kaliganj, Lalmonirhat-5520. Mob: 01714-626670. Email:
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: 01714626670
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About the organisation

The profit Foundation is a non-government, non-profit, non-religious, philanthropic and voluntary development organization. The organization is established by some committed and dedicated professionals in the year 2000. The Profit Foundation has been implementing various development programs since its inception and is dedicated to the sociology economic development of the economically disadvantaged and vulnerable men, women and children of both rural and urban areas.

Exploitation and discrimination free social-economically sound and educated society. Agriculture development by scientific research. To arrange training in the agricultural related crops, seeds, product, marketing, storing, problem etc.

Help to improve the quality of life of the backward, deprived and excluded people of the community through implementing different development initiative and advocacy within the intervention areas.

To establish a gender equity based society and to bring end to discrimination, abuse and violence against women under- privileged men-women’s sustainable development.

Profit Foundation is managed by a Seven-member Executive Board, elected every two years by its general members.
Core Areas of Work:
The issues on which the Profit Foundation has been conducting research/evaluation studies include, macro economic management, trade and commerce, alternative approaches to poverty alleviation and human development, food and agriculture, climate change, water resources development/management, irrigation and drainage management, SMEs, population, health an nutrition, education and human capability development, institution building, infrastructure development, women empowerment, action research programmers concerning sociology-economic development, public opinions on various sociology-economic-political issues.
The activities under these thrusts are organized and coordinated under separate centers within Profit Foundation.
In addition Profit Foundation conducts its national, regional, international seminars, workshops, conferences, dialogues on various key development issues through its planning forum and a center for training and development is being established.

PF Policy/Manuals
: Constitution
: HR policy
: Financialpolicy
: Training policy
: Gender policy
: Procurement Policy
: Child Protection Policy
: Sexual harassment policy
: Operational policy

Thematic Areas : Profit Foundations are broadly based on the following four thematic areas:
a) Human Rights
b) Good Governance
c) Sustainable Development
d) Youth empowerment


Status of the legal Personalities:Executive Director of the organization will be legal person or can represent on behalf of the organization for any kinds of transaction including contract signing documents receiving sending and other management staff will be appointed for representing and for such an appointment, it will be approved by the Executive Committee for representing in the proposed. 7 Member Executive Committee will be Legal Body approved by the Social welfare & Firms will be responsible for conducting activities.

Accounting System: An international Accounting Standard accounting system and procedure are maintaining for daily transaction, banking, maintaining books of accounts, bill vouchers and for annual internal and external audit. All kings of transactions have needed approval of the Executive Committee. Cash Book, general ledger, subsidiary ledger, bill voucher, invoice quotation, bidding and other documents were approved by the top management committee namely executive committee. Bank account has been maintaining for all kinds of transactions. Like salary, purchase and money receive and payments. All bank accounts operators are signed jointly.

SRHR publications/research

1.Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh,Planning Division Ministry of Planning. A Research on Social Impact of Forestry Programme in the Selected Areas of Lalmonirhat. Published on 2017.

2.Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Science & Technology. A Research on
Integrated Disease Management of Ginger Lalmonirhat. Published has 5 years.