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: Hosneara Begum
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About the organisation

Rupali Mohila Unnayan Sangstha has completed its eleven years of development journey to empower the poor, marginal and unprivileged people especially in the Netrakona, Mymensingh & Sunamganj District of Babgaladesh. Rupali Mohila Unnayan Sangstha was established as a voluntary organization. In 2007, a group of professionals got convinced that social development is only possible if the problems and crisis of the common people are met. They felt that only voluntary attitude and dedication at micro–level might uplift the standard of life. At the very outset, Rupali Mohila Unnayan Sangstha begun their work at community level and focused their concentration on education, livelihoods and health care.

In the backdrop of above scenario, Rupali Mohila Unnayan Sangstha a non-governmental, non-profitable and non-political, rights based development organization was founded in 2007 at the initiatives of a group of concerned citizens. This group is comprised of benevolent people from different professions.

It grew steadily and was accepted by the local people and project beneficiaries rapidly during the past few years. The people have oriented programs for poverty alleviation with the resources it has at his disposal. It is working with two major goals:

◊  Poverty alleviation

◊ Mainstreaming Gender development and right.

With these goals in mind, Rupali Mohila Unnayan Sangstha has set the following strategies:

  1. Pment of Community Based Organization at grass-roots level;
  2. Creation of leadership
  3. Facilitation promotion of Self employment and Income Generation Activities;
  4. Ensuring access to acceptable technologies;
  5. Advocacy and awareness building on Human, Women, Child and Civil rights ;
  6. Participatory Management;

Having achieved significant results in different programs, Bangladesh Government and donor agencies have been turning their attention to crop diversification and intensification, vegetable and poultry production. Since 2007 Rupali Mohila Unnayan Sangstha is implementing different project in the field of horticulture, aquaculture, homestead vegetable gardening, education, health and sanitation, advocacy on right issues and credit distribution which are very close to the interest of the rural and urban poor. Accordingly, Bangladesh Government and donors have set the areas as priority for intervention in their poverty alleviation, income generation and mainstreaming gender development.