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Seba Foundation

: 1997
Head of organisation
: Md. Yousuf Akanda Mojibur
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: Md. Yousuf Akanda Mojibur
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About the organisation

SEBA Foundation started its journey in development activities in 1997. In 1999 this organization was registered with Department of Social Welfare, Mymensingh. Later on it enlisted with Jobo Unnayan Adhidapter under ministry of Youth & Sports.This organization was born and established to work for the poorest of the poor of Bangladesh. At the very begining, its activity was limited to the villages of Nandail Upazilla of Mymensingh district. But by the last nineteen years it extended activities to Sadar, Gafargaon, Trhshal, Haluaghat, Fulpur, Iswargonj of Mymensingh district, Tarial& sadar of Kishorgonj district, Bancharampur of B’baria, Khagrasori and Kendua of Netrokona district.It is a non political, non profitable voluntary organization.

Organization : SEBA FOUNDATION
Registration Number : M-01091
Date : 27-10-1999
Authority : Department of Social Welfare

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