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Shawnirvor Mohila Sangstha (SHOW)

: 2005
Head of organisation
: Aleya Akter Lily
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: Aleya Akter Lily
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About the organisation

Shawnirvor Mohila Sangstha (SHOW) is a Self Help Organization of Women   (SHOW) which is a Self Help Group (SHG) of Marginalized community for working established in 2005, aiming to reduce the violation of human rights, aware their health and nutrition and improve their working ability like: social exclusion, dishonor and less accessibility, skill less that put them to more vulnerable to HIV / AIDS, Nutrition, do not get expected value of work and other health hazards. SHOW has been working since 2005 and in the same year Self Help Organization of Women   (SHOW) registered with Social Welfare department of Manikganj. Now Self Help Organization of Women   (SHOW)  is involve in implementation  of  PRESEPP Project under HASAB/MJF and Global fund RCC- project . Present SHOW member are 200 numbers.

SRHR publications/research

SHOW is community based organization of Female Sex Workers. It is working  awareness and treatment on HIV, STD, SRHR for the Sex workers . It has no separate publication on SRHR but It helps  big organizations to publish or research related to SRHR.