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Shishu Aangina: Child and Women Development Center

: 1995
Head of organisation
: Mahmuda Rahman Khan
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: Mahmuda Rahman Khan
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About the organisation

Shishu Aangina was established in 1995 with the specific purpose of providing children with creative learning opportunities in their pre-schooling years. The organization believes that children, as citizens of tomorrow need an appropriate environment for their mental growth today. However, life is becoming increasingly mechanized every day, as a result of which, children’s rights are also being ignored. Moreover, the sudden appearance of numerous Kindergarten schools in the city has made children’s life measurable only in terms of books and lessons, rather than social and cultural development in an enabling environment. Therefore, Shishu Aangina aims to create an environment where children can be themselves. Shishu Aangina being gender-sensitive committed to children’s cultural and social development. It is the only organization of its kind in Bangladesh that relies on non-traditional methods of teaching to develop the children in such a manner that they grow up as a self-confident, creative, and knowledgeable adult with due respect to the values of life. In promoting that, it provides art, music and computer classes, and organizes tour programs to historical places and other areas of interest. It also provides avenues for children’s creativity and cultural performances. Shishu Aangina believes in the potentials of the youth and they need support and mentoring. Hence, it works with them to help develop their leadership skills, facilitate their empowerment process, so that they can exhaust their full potentials to become an honest and sincere human being. Shishu Angina also believes that to improve the life of the community people, their perspective should be incorporated in designing any interventions from which they are meant to derive benefits. Shishu Aangina has a strong research center consisted of a multidisciplinary committed team with a specialization in Gender and Development, an anthropological approach as well as in Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The center is largely involved in doing community-based research. The members of Research Center provided training as well as consultancy services to both National and International NGOs and to government bodies. They are specialized in PRA and sector-specific gender training and developing training manuals. In the past, the members were involved in Participatory assessment on the health needs of the community people and their views on existing health services in order to design Health and Population Project (HAPP 5) with client perspective. Shishu Aangina takes an inclusive approach to promote gender equality.