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‘Soshtee’(A platform of Comfort)

: 2021
Head of organisation
: Rafiu Ahamed
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: Nazneen Sultana
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About the organisation

For many years, we have been seeing inequality, injustice towards women in our society. In this modern era, still majority of our women have a little knowledge about their health and freedom( in sense of economically & socially). Our economy is growing, women are participating in financial sector. But they are lagging behind too much more than men.
So, we had decided to work for them to ensure their human and civic rights. We know that we have to fight against society, in some context with culture. But we are pretty sure we will be able to bring light to darkness with the help of students and related concern.
This is a student based organization and we have equal male and female members. Some of us are victim too. May be we are not a well established formal large organization, but we know well what and exactly where to start from. So maybe we will bring change together fast, or alone maybe with some more time, but definitely we will bring smile to underprivileged girls and women.

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