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Space - A Foundation for Peace & Care

: 2020
Head of organisation
: Moshfec Ara
Contact Persons
: Shaikh Md. Mominul Islam
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About the organisation

Space is a non-profit, non-government women-led feminist organization, working for Gender Inclusion, Human Rights, Mental Health, SRHR, Climate Justice, and Peace to build a strong gender perspective and shared commitment to sustainable development, justice, peace, human rights, pluralism, and democracy. Space has some programs on SRHR. Currently, Space is conducting "Gender School" for Children and Adolescents which includes "Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)", "SRHR", "Mental Health", "Human Rights". Space is also conducting "Gender School" for adults.


SRHR publications/research

Space is conducting various research and advocacy on SRHR sectors, especially it is working for Intersex, Transgender and Gender Diverse Population/LGBTQIA+ people. Space also conduct awareness campaign on Menstrual Health for girls and women. Space is also making various training materials, documentary films, and various publications regarding SRHR. Space conducts various workshops and trainings on SRHR and related issues.