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: 1989
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: Md. Asraf Hossen
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: Mrs. Salma Akter
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About the organisation

SRABON is a non-profit, non-political non-governmental development organization. The organization was established in late 1989 by a group of young men and women to create employment opportunities by training unemployed boys and girls from poor families in Bauphal upazila of southern Patuakhali district in Bangladesh on fish farming, animal husbandry, poultry and sewing. SRABON then conducted various programs for the development of poor families by imparting training on the subject mentioned in his own finance. The organization got its official registration on November 27, 1990 under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Department of Social Services, Patuakhali district. Since then, the organization has been conducting development programs in various fields including education, health, emergency assistance in collaboration with local philanthropists, organizations and government and non-government organizations.

All types of development programs run by the organization cover marginalized and poor people. Although the founding organization was limited to Bauphal Upazila, it has spread to the five largest districts of the country in almost three decades.The organization has a trained and experienced manpower. With proper funding, the organization will be able to implement any project in any part of Bangladesh.

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The development strategy of the SRABON is distinct to serve the following purpose

  • Potential Human Resource
  • Women and Child
  • Climate Change and Environment
  • Empowerment of underprivileged resource poor communities focusing on destitute
  • Poverty
  • Health, Sanitation, Hygiene and Service
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention &
  • Drug
  • Relief and
  • Disaster Management.
  • Nutrition, Primary and reproductive health
  • Improvise good governance
  • Advocacy and media
  • Formal and Non-Formal
  • Skill development
  • Live stock

SRABON gives priority to people’s participation in all development processes and makes the people self-reliant to enable them to transform their lives and community through individual and collective endeavours. Health consciousness and eco-sensitive community deepening their understanding of the immediate environment resources through eco-specific land-use patterns discouraging ecologically in consistent habitation and engineering project, Sustainable resource utilization and strengthening indigenous knowledge-based technology. SRABON is and will act as a catalytic agent in process transformation for empowerment health education, environmental preservation, poverty alleviation, Rehabilitation of the destitute, synchronizing education and above all potential resource development through making the target participants aware of their problems.

Providing them with organizational tools forging unity. Increasing capability to secure health facilities, Legal aid, civil rights, HIV/AIDS, Drug abuse and rehabilitation through lobbying advocacy networking and movement for establishing social justice. With the above-mentioned strategies, SRABON will set up a resource and build up a network at the local, regional, national and international levels.