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Tehai: An Interdisciplinary Art Initiative

: 2018
Head of organisation
: Akramul Momen
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: Akramul Momen
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About the organisation

Tehai is a non-profit, non-registered, independent art initiative that works for the rights of queer people in Bangladesh, bringing together queer, non-binary and other likeminded people to create cultural conversations and connections. It engages in this work by deploying several disciplines like research, performance, film, theatre, dance, recitation, technology and literature. Tehai also offers residency for artists from all over the world. It has partnered with organizations and initiatives like Sangat, Asia Art Activism, Goethe-Institut and Khoj.

SRHR publications/research

Tehai is a non-profit, non-register grassroots organization and has yet to work with SRHR.