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The Hunger Project Bangladesh

: 1993
Head of organisation
: Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar
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: Jamirul Islam
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About the organisation

The Hunger Project (THP), established in 1977, is a global, non-profit,strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. In Bangladesh,THP is the largest volunteer based organization and has been working since 1993 across all 8 divisions of the country. It is committed to implement a comprehensive long-term program to promote equal rights in Bangladesh by building partnerships between men and women to stop the cycle of malnutrition, and by promoting the inclusion of women and girls in decision-making processes and leadership roles. Keeping this in mind, The Hunger project Bangladesh follows an integrated, bottom-up, gender-focused strategy for rural development, based on (1) mobilizing grassroots people for self-reliance, (2) empowering women and girls as key change agents for development, (3) good governance at the grassroots level and (4) and advocacy and alliances for promoting good governance and gender equality.

The Hunger Project Bangladesh has been implementing Her Choice program, a multi-country project since 2016. As implementing partner of Her Choice Alliance It provides life skill training and powerful documentary film screening for girls (and boys) and regular meetings of adolescent clubs (girls, boys or mixed) in 208 secondary schools across 15 districts in order to strengthen knowledge and skills in the field of SRHR and provides information on the negative effects of child marriage. These activities are also focused on improvement of confidence and leadership, on participation, on positive body image and positive self-valuation as girls, on girls learning how to claim their SRHR and to have a strong voice in the decision if, when and whom to marry. Girls are participating in outdoor sports and rallies to learn the fundamentals of teamwork, and to appreciate and tolerate differences. In addition, teachers are engaged to provide training on SRHR and encouraged to provide mentoring support to adolescents clubs and create safe space for girls.

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