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Turning Point Foundation

: in the year 2010
Head of organisation
: Jibon Gomes (Mr.), Executive Director
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: Jibon Gomes (Mr.)
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About the organisation

Projects on SRHR:

a. Promoting rights of marriage, family, parenthood and relationships on equal basis for proactive inclusion in the society; funded by Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRAF), USA, 01 January -31 December 2015
b. Promoting marriage, family, sexual and reproductive rights of women with disabilities; by DRAF in 2016
c. Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of persons with disabilities, especially women with disabilities in the perspective of CRPD project; funded by DRAF in 2017
d. Promote SRHR and inclusion in the Government’s National Plan of Action on Adolescent Health Strategy 2017-2030 in Bangladesh; by ShareNet International in 2017

Few activities:

i. Arrange trainings, workshops on Gender, Diversity, Sexual and Reproductive health
and Rights of Adolescents, man and women with disabilities.
ii. Arrange interactive sensitization session about menstrual hygiene management for
women with Disabilities.
iii. Advocacy for access to reproductive health services for women with disabilities.
iv. Develop IEC on SRHR.
v. Advocacy for active participation of women with disabilities in Government sexual and reproductive health and rights related policies and programs e.g. Adolescent Reproductive Health Strategy (ARHS), plan of action for ARHS.
vi. International Day observance: Reproductive health day- May 28

SRHR publications/research

i. Poster on rights to marriage and family formation of women with disabilities
ii. Poster on menstrual hygiene management of women with disabilities
iii. Handouts on SRHR of adolescents with disabilities