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: 2005
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: Md Sakib Ahmed
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: Mst. Salma Akter
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About the organisation

UTTHAN is a non-political and non-profit voluntary organization established to protect the social and economic rights of the poor and neglected. The organization was established on March 25, 2005 through the education of street children with the keen interest of some like-minded social workers living in the Barisal City Corporation area. It was then limited to social activities, including culture and sports activities. The organization has registered with the District Social Service Office, Barisal under the Ministry of Social Welfare, and Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh on July 8, 2007. The journey of progress begins.

UTTHAN is working to implement various activities in the field of human rights and good governance through the promotion of gender equality, education, health and sanitation to ensure the security of life of the backward and neglected sections of the society. At present, the organization is successfully implementing various programs for the development of the poor and neglected communities in the area.

Vision of our organization

UTTHAN works to establish a just society based on values including social justice, human dignity, equality, fairness, good governance, secularism in protecting the rights of the poor and marginalized people living in urban and rural areas. Which works for the welfare of the underprivileged people irrespective of social inequality, persecution, oppression, corruption and race, religion and caste.

Mission of our organization

The main objective of UTTHAN is to ensure the participation of all by undertaking various projects aimed at protecting the basic rights of the urban and rural poor and marginalized. To assist the administration in enforcing the necessary laws to protect the rights of poor, helpless, oppressed and oppressed women and children and to establish good governance. To undertake and manage projects to ensure safe food, clothing, shelter, education and health care for all neglected communities including orphans, street children, transgender people and sex workers with the aim of alleviating poverty and conducting anti-social awareness programs.

Goal of our organization

To help protect the social and economic rights of disadvantaged women, children, adolescents, the disabled and the elderly without relatives in the coastal districts of the Barisal region. Especially women's empowerment, education and rehabilitation of orphans including street children.

SRHR publications/research

UTTHAN has been conducting various development programs under several major sectors to establish the social and economic rights of the poor, neglected and vulnerable people of the coastal region. The main sectors are-
a) Good Governance and Human Rights, b) Education, c) Health and Nutrition, d) Livelihood, e) Environment and Climate Change, f) Disaster Management, g) Water and Sanitation

Organizational Strategy

  • Introducing the organization nationally as well as globally.
  • Establishing a Strong network and liaison with GO, NGO & civil society.
  • Maximum utilization of local resources.
  • Developing human resources.
  • Increasing the involvement in different media.
  • Applying integrated approach.

Organizational Values

  • Gender equality
  • Attitude to learn
  • Like-minded
  • Participatory decision-making
  • Sympathy to people
  • Committed to work
  • Secular
  • Competition and co-operation
  • Humanity is the priority
  • Group effort-not individual