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: 2022
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: Nadia Anwar
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: Nadia Anwar
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Bangladesh, like many other countries, faces significant mental health challenges. Here mental illness is often viewed as a personal weakness or character flaw rather than a medical condition that requires treatment. This can make it difficult for individuals to seek help for mental health problems and lead to mistreatment or abuse of individuals with mental illness. Due to a lack of awareness and resources for mental health care, the stigma attached to mental illness, and limited access to mental health services in rural areas, these challenges can contribute to a high burden of mental illness and poor mental health outcomes for individuals and communities.

wEvolve is a consulting firm works started its journey on March 1st, 2022 for providing technical guidance, support, and advice to individuals, groups, and organizations in the field of mental health. wEvolve supports different organizations through assessing needs, designing program, designing training, facilitating training/workshops, facilitating psychosocial counseling sessions, developing materials (resource materials, training manual, activity cards, story books, teaching/learning aids/toys etc.), evaluating projects and conducting participatory quality research. wEvolve deals contracts on both long and short-term bases.  wEvolve is operating psychosocial counseling support for children. Adolescents’ and adults through individual counseling parents counseling, couple counseling and group counseling in regular basis. Overall, wEvolve is dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of individuals and communities in Bangladesh through a range of accessible and evidence-based services.

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