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With She

: 2020
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: Md. Imran Jahan Arafat
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: Md. Imran Jahan Arafat
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About the organisation

With She is a youth voluntary initiative to create reproductive health awareness along with child and women safety.

Our Vision: Creating skilled volunteer teams through online and offline activities across the country.
Increasing generosity between men and women on reproductive health also creating awareness to
protect women and children rights. Providing periodic hygiene supplies to women in urgent need.
Implementing sustainable periodic health solution to ensure climate justice using technical tools.
With She stepped out to deliver emergency sanitary product support free of cost through hotline
number and Facebook page to the women during the covid-19 lockdown situation in 9 districts. We
arranged SRHR & MHM awareness online Quiz competition (54 partners; 800+ participants) across
the country. When people were facing challenges to visit a doctor physically during the covid-19
disruption we launched "With Doctor" a free online doctor consultation service through the Zoom
platform and successfully organized 6 sessions. We promoted social distancing, wearing face-mask,
and hand washing to keep people safe from the COVID-19. We encouraged the local residents to
stay at home if there is no emergency and asked them to put soap and a bucket of water in front of
the house door thus they would not forget to wash their hands before entering the home. We used
the mosque as a channel of communication to spread the right messages and to encourage people
to avoid social gatherings and saying prayers at home. Ensuring all these precautions, With She
youth volunteers came forward to support the humanitarian crisis during natural calamities like a
cyclone and the flood in the mid months of this troublesome year.
We initiated to donate sanitary pads as emergency products along with other necessary relief goods
to the cyclone Amphan affected families in Shyamnagar, Koyra, and Mongla. We continued this
support to the flood-affected area in Faridpur and Dinajpur. We arranged an online live reality show
to raise funds for the flood-affected people. We were successful to attract the attention of other
volunteer and social organizations to think of sanitary products as an essential product for their
relief activities as well. We arranged an online ToT (Training of trainers) workshop for 180+
volunteers on basics of SRHR, MHM, & project management in collaboration with American Corner
Khulna. Besides promoting social distancing, personal hygiene, safety measures to be protected
from COVID-19, we are actively working to create awareness on reproductive health and safe
menstrual health management through our trained volunteers in 29 districts with the aim of
ensuring awareness of the people about sexual & reproductive health & rights (SRHR) across the
country within 2024. We arranged an online training session on Brest cancer awareness. We have
been arranging workshops on the basics of Good touch – Bad touch, Adolescence awareness, and
preparation, SRHR, & MHM on a regular basis in different districts maintaining social distancing and
all required safety precautions.Now With She have more than 460 registered volunteer and experience of working in 26+ district with national and international organizations.

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