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Women in Digital

: 2013
Head of organisation
: Achia Khaleda Nila
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: Achia Khaleda Nila
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About the organisation

Women in Digital (WID) is dedicated to promote women and girls’ education and empowerment through technology. Established in 2013, WID aims to create digital platforms to support, promote and empower women and girls in areas of information and technology. Women in Digital is concerned about the existing digital and gender divide within IT sector and thus is focused to unpack these challenges and offer practical solutions along with advocating for inclusive and empowering policy provisions. Since its establishment it has trained and empowered more than 7000 adolescent girls and women all over Bangladesh. Women in Digital is not only working towards the digital literacy of women and girls but also offering market relevant IT skills including online business development, offering digital marketing space to profile products, development of app, reaching to targeted online customers and raising individual profile with especial focus to women and girls. In addition, we are working towards digital-economic inclusion and empowerment of women and girls. We are proud to share that ‘Women in Digital’ is the only women led, women and girls’ focused organization within IT sector in Bangladesh. Thousands of women and girls that we have trained have not only started jobs, do online business but also significantly changed deep rooted social and gender norms in Bangladesh. Combination of IT, financial inclusion, gender and empowerment aspects make us unique as we aspire to see women and girls’ leadership and economic independence in a more sustained way which will have an inter-generational impact. We also express our global solidarity on the same.

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